Mouse Recorder

The Software presented here is a Mouse Recorder Software for Windows . The Mouse Recorder Software works on Windows 10, and other Windows versions and hopefully with Windows 11 well (Till this Date this Software has not been tested on Windows 11). The Mouse Recorder Software can be tried for free and comes with tons of functionalities.

Mouse Recorder Software for Windows

What all can this Mouse Recorder do?

The Software offered here can be useful to automate mouse cursor in many different ways. You can record a Mouse Macro with Mouse Recorder and then edit the Mouse Macro. The Mouse Recorder is really easy and simple to use and comes with two clickable buttons to start and stop the mouse recording. Have a look at given below features which can tell tell you how this software can be of use to you.

Mouse Recorder Download

Now you can download the software and try it for free or visit Auto Mouse Clicker to know more about the software application. Just remember that there are no reminders or popup windows in the software to tell you when your software trial is going to expire and yes as the Mouse Recorder software is provided on a try before buy basis, it will expire and will ask you to register, however the best part is that it comes at really cheap and affordable price.

Contact Us

The Mouse Recorder Software has lots of features which will allow you to automate almost anything that your mouse cursor can do. In case you do feel that some other feature should be there in the software or anything else you would like to say, please do drop us an email at and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.